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Wireline Services

Fredrikov Shenkai group in conjunction with Shuangfeng Oilfield Service Co., Ltd. provide specialized logging, perforating and production logging service services with similar qualities like the major wireline companies at reduced/minimal cost.

The company is currently equipped with two 5700 logging imaging systems, four Smart-Combo 560 logging imaging systems, one imported multipurpose pump-out memory logging system, 10 sets of production logging equipment, five perforating operation teams and a total of 22 logging teams.

Services Outline & Capabilities

The business of providing surface measurements of drilling and geological characteristics at the well site while drilling to determine the presence or absence of oil or gas in the various formations penetrated by the drill-bit.

Technical Capabilities

* Perfect Matching Openhole Logging Series

* Logging series for complex clastic reservoirs

* Logging series for fractured reservoirs

* Logging series for shale gas, coalbed methane and other special reservoirs

* Logging series and construction technology for slimholes, easily collapsing wells and complex trajectory wells

Logging Data Processing and Interpretation Techniques Series

* Reservoir evaluation and data interpretation module

* Fracture-cave quantitative analysis module for fractured reservoirs

* Semi-deep gas interpretation module

* Interpretation evaluation module for low-porosity and low-permeability reservoirs, low-resistivity reservoirs and magnetic resonance

Through-casing Imaging Logging

* For reservoirs with disqualified fracturing oil test results and comprehensive logging interpretation

* For old wells with incomplete data

Production Logging Series

* Injection profile logging for injection wells

* Remaining oil saturation monitoring of maturing field

* Casing damage monitoring

* Logging for production liquid profile of production wells

Cementing Evaluation Logging Series

* CBL and VDL

* SBT for deep gas, carbonate, high-angle and horizontal wells

Thru-Bit Logging

* The thru-bit logging system provides slimhole cable transmission and memory logging mode. The logger only has an outside diameter of 2 1/8 in, which can pass through the drill at an inner diameter of 2 1/2in and can bear a pressure of 103Mpa and a temperature of 175℃.


* Non-wireline pump-out memory logging mode for horizontal wells.

* Conventional wireline logging mode

* Thru-drill pipe wireline logging mode for complex Intervals

Other Services

  • MWD /LWD

    NaviTrak MWD service delivers reliable, real-time downhole information including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation. These measurements, coupled with drilling dynamics and natural gamma-ray readings, reduce risk and enable precise wellbore positioning. ... read more

  • Directional Services

    Our Navi-Drill motors with technical partnership agreement with Baker Hughes Inc. are ideal for your directional, horizontal, and straight-hole performance drilling. Navi-Drill motors are known to be most reliable in the industry. Speed up hydrocarbon recovery with faster ROP, longer runs with greater reliability, and better steering response and hole quality... read more

  • Chemical Services

    Fredrikov Group incorporates the latest in computer, electronics and communication technology for the execution of mud-logging services in conjunction with Shankai Petroleum of Shanghai China... read more