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Shenkai Petroleum Corporation

  • Shenkai Petroleum Corporation, a major oil field equipment manufacturer in Shanghai China, is our technical partner for mud-logging services.

    SK Shanghai is a professionally managed company, with technocrats, managers, engineers and geologists drawn from leading educational institutions and with rich experience in a variety of field environments in South East Asia, Middle East, Far East, USA and Canada. Mud logging Engineers and Electronic engineers having decades of experience in working with the major international oil companies and of providing services in diverse Socio-Political and Environmental conditions.

    SK Shanghai Professionals have worked on many Drilling and Exploration projects in various Oil and Gas fields and are put through a continuous process of training to sharpen their skills. All without exception, have graduate degrees and many have post-graduate degrees in Geology, Petroleum Geology, Geophysics, Engineering coupled with Computer Science disciplines.

    With the-State- of- the- Art Real Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring tool and Web Enabled technology SK Shanghai Mud Logging units can deliver every conceivable information in Real time to the clients desktop for convenience of the decision makers like Geologists, Drilling Engineers, Mud Engineers and the Company men.

    The new technology package is a result of continuous R&D done on developing a new suite of Hybrid Geological software, Individual transducers for data collection, & dedicated instruments like Total hydrocarbon analyzers complimented with high-speed gas chromatograph (30s). These Gas detectors are not affected by polymer mud, H2S, and reads hydrocarbons at a much more precise and sensitive range compared with the hot wire type filaments used widely in older instruments.

    SK Shanghai Mud logging units are fully computerized and networked and have distributed control system. They are Modular in nature; hot swappable, pre-configured and Rugged to meet the toughest working conditions.

    Our partnership with SK Shanghai enables us to benefit from technology transfer, man-power training and research benefits, and does obviously satisfy local market development strategy.

Other Partners

Previous Experience

Fredrikov Petroleum services is/had handling/handled Mudlogging (Total Drilling Control) / Geological services on the following Rigs:

Hilong-19 (SPDC) Land

Sedco-702 (Snepco) Deep Offshore

Sedco-709 (Snepco) Deep Offshore

Deutag T-43 (SPDC) Land

Lone Star LS 203 (SPDC) Swamp

Deutag T-57 / NRG-01 (Frontier Oil Ltd_Goge JV) Land

Sedco Express (NAE) Deep offshore

Deep Water Discovery, DWD (SNEPCo) Deep Offshore

West Capella (ExxonMobil) Deep Offshore

Jack Haggin (NAOC) Swamp