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Health Safety & Environment

  • Concern for environment, health and safety aspects of oilfield activity continues to be high priority for FREDRIKOV Petroleum Services Company Ltd. The Company's goal is to maintain the highest health, safety and environment (HSE) standards possible in order to eliminate personal injuries, and worse of all loss of life to our employees, clients, other contractors and vendors and reduction in efficiency.

    We subscribe to strong policies which support initiatives for the health and occupational safety of our employees, clients, other contractors and vendors and the protection of our environment. We, therefore, continue to implement Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies that are designed to successfully deal with the extensive regulations for the oil and gas industry.

    Developed over nearly five years ago, these policies are cornerstones to our success. All practices and procedures outlined in our HSE-MS manual are updated on any changes in practice.

    Management is committed to providing the resources required to ensure that all personnel knowledgeably pursue and meet these policy objectives. FREDRIKOV Petroleum Services Company Ltd remains a responsible citizen, committed to Health, Safety and Environment.

    A complete set of quality control and assurance system has been established resulting in a sound quality assurance system in all aspects including inspection, technology, preparing materials, maintenance, testing, and Service delivery in accordance with relevant American Petroleum Institute (API) as well as international Standard Organization (ISO) technical standards, codes, specifications and customers' special needs. Every effort is made to constantly improve service quality, introduce and spread workmanship, employ advanced technology and new materials.