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Baker Huges

  • Baker Hughes is top-tier oilfield Service Company with a century-long track record, it delivers solutions that help oil and gas operators make the most of their reservoirs.

    With 46,000-plus employees in more than 80 countries, the local geomarket teams work side by side with customers to engineer reliable application-specific products and services that create more value from the reservoir whether the application is deepwater, unconventional hydrocarbons or production and water management.

    Baker Hughes collaborates with customers to jointly develop technology for specific industry needs at regional technology centers.

Other Partners

Previous Experience

Fredrikov Petroleum services is/had handling/handled Mudlogging (Total Drilling Control) / Geological services on the following Rigs:

Parker Drilling Rig 73 (Swamp)

Parker Drilling Rig 75 (Swamp)

Noble Drilling Offshore Jack-Up Rig, Don Walker

Sedco Transocean Swamp Rig, Searex 12

Suffolk Rig 103 (Land),

ENSCO Offshore Jack-Up Rig-100,