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Sichuan Gyangya Polymer Chemical Co.

  • GuangyaChem is a professional oilfield chemicals developer and manufacturer for safely and efficiently developing and exploiting the oil-gas field, as well as provides relevant technical services. It has started chemical development and production ever since 1988 and has been focusing on chemical flooding EOR working fluid, well stimulation working fluid, and the matching application technologies.

    Currently, GuangyaChem is capable of providing integrated services from products development, products production, to field technical services.The featured products are primarily water-soluble hydrophobic associative polymer, including Associative Polymer Flooding Agent, Associative Polymer Viscosifier for non-crosslinked fracturing fluid, Plugging & Well-killing Gel. We also provide HPAM with different molecular weight, and other Drilling Fluid Additives. We have set up three production factories in Jiling , Jiangxi, and Sichuan separately to meet the production requirement.

    We provide customized products development based on the specific reservoir geologic situation or specific technical requirements. Our R&D center contains the top experts and professionals in this field and more than 100 researchers which ensures the constantly development and innovation capacity.

    We have set up an oilfield technical service company to provide drilling fluid services, fracturing services, acidizing services and chemical enhancing oil recovery services for customers, specifically including solution design, lab study & evaluation, chemicals & working fluid, and field technical services.

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Rig Experience

Fredrikov Petroleum services is/had handling/handled Mudlogging (Total Drilling Control) / Geological services on the following Rigs:

Deutag Rig T-76 (Land)

Zepeb Rig (ELF) Land

DWC Rig (NDPR) Land

Deutag T80A (Total) Land

West Capella (Total) Deep Offshore

Pacific Scirocco (Total) Deep Offshore

Oando Integrity (NAOC) Swamp

HPEB-119 (NAOC) Land

HPEB-126 (SPDC) Land

HPEB-129 (SPDC) Land

Hilong-2 (SPDC) Land