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Shuang Feng Oilfield Service Co., Ltd.

  • Shuang Feng Oilfield Service Co., Ltd. is a specialized logging, perforating and production logging service company under the Group. The company is currently equipped with two 5700 logging imaging systems, four SmartCombo 560 logging imaging systems, one imported multipurpose pump-out memory logging system, 10 sets of production logging equipment, five perforating operation teams and a total of 22 logging teams.

    The company has the service capacity to carry out open hole logging 600 times, production logging 1,500 times and perforating 800 or more times annually. It is also able to independently process, interpret and evaluate the relevant logging data and able to provide customers with multi-well evaluation and logging reservoir evaluation services on the basis of delicate single well interpretation.

Other Partners

Rig Experience

Fredrikov Petroleum services is/had handling/handled Mudlogging (Total Drilling Control) / Geological services on the following Rigs:

Deutag Rig T-76 (Land)

Zepeb Rig (ELF) Land

DWC Rig (NDPR) Land

Deutag T80A (Total) Land

West Capella (Total) Deep Offshore

Pacific Scirocco (Total) Deep Offshore

Oando Integrity (NAOC) Swamp

HPEB-119 (NAOC) Land

HPEB-126 (SPDC) Land

HPEB-129 (SPDC) Land

Hilong-2 (SPDC) Land